Practice Areas

Labor and social security law

We advise and provide support to our clients in aspects related to labor and social security law, according to their needs.

Following we include some of the services we provide in this area: drafting of employment contracts, administration of salaries, definition of shifts and working days, labor due diligence, investigation and support in disciplinary processes, drafting of regulations and policies, recognition of pensions, correction of work history before COLPENSIONES, attention to procedures before the Ministry of Labor (overtime, permission to lay off workers, work without continuity solution), labor retirement agreements, representation and accompaniment in labor conciliations, personnel management with health jurisdiction, labor outsourcing, representation in labor processes and permanent support throughout all types of requirements related to the area of human management and SGSST.

The above service list is not restrictive. Therefore, we suggest consulting with us the availability of other services not mentioned.