Nicolás Díaz Hoyos

Attorney at law and Philosopher from the “Universidad de Cartagena”. He provides advice to clients in matters related to the following areas: Civil, Commercial, Consumption, Corporate, Hotel Administration and Tourism, Real Estate, Foreign Investment, Maritime, Horizontal Property, Litigations, Arbitration and Conflict Solutions.

Academic formation

Undergraduate degree:
Attorney at law from the “Universidad de Cartagena”. Year: 2003.
Philosopher from the “Universidad de Cartagena”. Year: 2009.

Post-graduate degrees:
Magister in Public and Private Contractual Law. “Universidad Santo Tomás”. Year: 2017.
Specialist in Liabilities and Insurance. “Universidad del Norte”. Year: 2011.
Specialist in Maritime Law. “Universidad Externado de Colombia”. Year: 2008.