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We help large, medium and small companies with the co-creation of avant guard solutions and experiences

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Create your company and grow your business idea.


We strengthen and create corporate strategies that allow you to develop the potential of your Company.


Internal study of the financial scope of your Company

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We are one of the companies with most recognition within the Colombian Caribbean area. Our legal experts and our multidisciplinary team offer services oriented towards the construction of legal, creative and personalized solutions for our clients.

We are here so you can make safe decisions, reduce your business risks and defend them in legal instances.


At NPA we apply the principles, skills and methodologies of designers to prevent and solving legal problems, building documents and redesigning clear, useful and attractive experiences.
“The sum of law, innovation, design.”

What the Legal Design method can mean for you

Personalized 1:1 consulting
Interactive and easy to understand contract templates and documentation
Quality,transparent and fair service


Begin your legal learning experience
You will have the opportunity to learn from our expert lawyers and create solid legal foundations for your company or business.

Why learn at NP&A?

  • Know the necessary concepts and tools that will help you overcome legal challenges in your Company.
  • Courses with clear language.
  • Learn at your own pace

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In NP&A I find fast execution, credibility, professionalism and trust”
Mauricio Ángulo

Manager, TLC Industrial Park of the Americas, PARQUIAMÉRICA.

The experience with NP&A has been excellent, we love the response time to the problems we present, the people are very friendly, the team is collaborative
Maurice Lemaitre

Manager, of Manzanillo Marina Club.

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